Message from the Organizing Team

Vankkam to all, as we greet everyone, in Tamil

We are honoured to conduct the prestigious 44th Annual Conference of the Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand (ISSH) from 11 to 13 of September 2020! What gives us more pleasure is that the British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH) is participating as the Guest Society in the ISSHCON 2020!

The ISSHCON 2020 is planned at a Beach Resort in Mamallapuram, a serene getaway near Chennai

The reason to attend any Conference is to learn the art of hand surgery, the nuances and refinements that go with them, some new techniques, perfect the procedures that we are already doing, connect with old friends, make new ones, relax in a good ambience and get back rejuvenated.

We all do hand surgery procedures passionately. But what we all need to achieve is that ideal called perfection. That is the Theme of ISSHCON 2020.

"செய்வன திருந்தச் செய்" read as "Seivana Thiruntha Sei"

This is a line from Tamil Literature of 200 BC, in a treatise called “Athichudi” composed by the grand old lady of Tamil literature, “Avvaiyar". It essentially means “Whatever you do, do with perfection” because Perfection is the yardstick of performance!

It is those winning points towards perfection that you will collect from ISSHCON 2020!

The Organizing Committee will spare no effort in making this event a memorable one.

This will not be just a Conference, it will be a Celebration of what we all love doing-HAND SURGERY

We look forward to welcoming each and every one of you.

Organising Team - ISSHCON 2020.